Significant Interventions

International Conference on Health Systems Strengthening (ICONHSS), May 6-10, 2010

The International Conference on Health Systems Strengthening (ICONHSS), hosted by the Government of Tamil Nadu was held from May 6-10, 2010 at Chennai, India.

The conference brought together collaborating partners and participants from across the country and the world. The profile of the approximately 600 participants was diverse and rich in experience as it included students, doctors, researchers, public health academicians and professionals, government officials, donor representatives, health service providers, information specialists and media persons, etc.

The conference was organized over a five day period, with the first day as a preconference sharing of experiences under the TNHSP and selected national projects on HSS in India. During the three main conference days, over 30 speakers made presentations across ten sessions, including plenaries, panel discussions and symposiums on different dimensions of health systems strengthening.

Issues of Discussion

Issues discussed at the ICONHSS included:

  • Health Service Delivery
  • Health Workforce
  • Health Financing
  • Governance
  • Building Synergies
  • Health Systems Research